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Online Home Study

Because each person is busy, we now offer our CATECHISM online as a Home Study. This way you can study at your own pace.
This class should be taken by everyone who has never studied the Orthodox faith, whether they were born into the Church, recently converted or who desire to convert to Orthodoxy.

To fulfill the requirements for this class, meet with Fr. Alexander and set up a schedule of study, where he can guide you in your spiritual journey and help you with your questions.

Source: "The Faith: Understanding Orthodox Christianity, An Orthodox Catechism" by Clark Carlton


What is the Orthodox Church?

Lesson 1

The Foundation of the Orthodox Faith (with special study "The Sign of the Cross")

Lesson 2

The Holy Trinity (with special study "The Trinity in the Old Testament")

Lesson 3

Creation (wuth special study "Creation and Evolution")

Lesson 4

The Fall of Mankind (with special study "The Passions")

Lesson 5

The Promised Messiah of Israel (with special study "Typology")

Lesson 6

The Incarnation (with special study "Icon of the Invisible God")

Lesson 7

Mankind's "Yes" to God (with special study "Fervent Intercessors")

Lesson 8

The Teachings of Christ (with special study "Saving Humility")

Lesson 9

Love Stronger than Death (with special study "Great and Holy Saturday")

Lesson 10

The Birth and Mission of the Church (with special study "Missions and Evangelism")

Lesson 11

The Structure of the Church (with special study "Ecumenical Councils")

Lesson 12

Holy Baptism (with special study "The Baptism of Tears")

Lesson 13

The Seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit (with special study "The Fruit of the Spirit")

Lesson 14

The Mystical Supper (with special study "The Communion of Saints")

Lesson 15

The Church at Prayer (with special study "Fasting")

Lesson 16

The Mystery of Love (with special study "God and Gender")

Lesson 17

Monasticism (with special study "The Holy Mountain")

Lesson 18

The Lord's Return (with special study "Heaven and Hell") and Conclusion ("Living an Orthodox Life in a Secular World")



    AHS Book Club

    'The Benedict Option'

    Has been moved to Thursdays!!

    November 30

    December 7, 14 and 21


    St. Nicholas Church Hall

    Limited number of books available from the church or from

    Online Home Study

    Orthodox Catechism Class

    Form a small group of friends, or

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    Fr. Alexander and set up

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    Our Faith

    The Church has her origin with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, not with a human teacher, or group, nor a code of conduct or religious philosophy. Learn more»

    In our continuing effort to accomplish our long-term goals, All Holy Spirit Greek Orthdox Church holds their services at St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church, 5050 Harrison Street, at the times listed below.  Our business offices are located at the Autism Center of Nebraska, 9012 Q Street.


    Monday, November 20

    Entrance of the Theotokos

    6:00pm Vesperal Divine Liturgy

    Thursday, November 23


    Saturday, November 25

    9:45am Love Project Douglas County Hospital

    Sunday, November 26

    13th Sunday of Luke

    8:30am Divine Lituryg

    Thursday, November 30

    St. Andrew

    9:30am Divine Liturgy

    6:30pm AHS Bookclub - The Benedict Option

    Sunday, December 3

    14th Sunday of Luke

    9:30am Divine Liturgy

    Stewardship Sunday

    Parish Council Elections

    Wednesday, Decemeber 6

    St. Nicholas

    9:30am Divine Liturgy

    Thursday, December 7

    6:30pm AHS Book Club - The Benedict Option 

    Saturday, December 9

    8:30am AHEPA Meeting, St. Nicholas Hall

    4:30pm Vespers

    Followed by All Holy Spirit Christmas Party

    Sunday, December 10

    10th Sunday of Luke

    8:30am Divine Liturgy

    Monday, December 11

    Beginning of St. Spyridon Fast

    6:00pm Vesperal Divine Liturgy

    Thursday, December 14

    6:30pm AHS Book Club - The Benedict Option 

    Saturday, December 16

    11:30am Philoptochos Christmas Luncheon Meeting

    Lazlo's, 192nd & Pinehurst

    Sunday, December 17

    11th Sunday of Luke

    9:30am Divine Liturgy

    Wednesday, December 20

    7:00pm Choir Practice

    Thursday, December 21

    6:30pm AHS Book Club - The Benedict Option 

    If you have questions about times and

    services, call the Office at 402-934-3688

    or email: